June 20, 2010

Finding the Kingdom Hall. Fail.

Today. Today I tried to venture off by myself and find the kingdom hall. What a fail.
I have been trying to find the english congregation ever since I have been here. Communication with people back home, keeping my eye out for witnesses, doing research, asking people in the Pantheon Institute office. No success. Finally the ladies in the PI office discovered that the english halls were way too far from where I am located and too complicated to venture to. Although, they did do their research and found a hall ~1 hour from here ... but it was an Italian congregation.
I thought I'd give it a whirl. I mean, someone has to speak a little bit of english there, right? Plus, I have that excel spreadsheet that mom created for me! ha!
Anyway, I walked about 20 minutes to the bus station in Piazza Venezia. But let me tell you first, we went to an outside market early this morning and we got sopping wet from the pouring down rain. It hasn't rained like that since the first 2 weeks that we were here and of course it decides to pour like a monsoooon when I need to walk somewhere.
After the market, we came back to the apartment and I cleaned myself up preparing to head out to find my way to this Italian kingdom hall. The sun was peaking out a little bit behind the dark gloomy clouds so I thought it was promising that I would not get rained on.
So, back to what I was saying earlier, I walked to Piazza Venezia and found the right bus stop. I was so proud of myself that I found the right place to get the bus. Really, this is a work in progress. Finally getting the whole public transportation thing down the last week that I am here! Once I reached the bus stop, wouldn't you know it, it started pouring ... again. It poured for about 3 minutes then stopped. Have I mentioned that while I was standing at the bus stop, a gypsy looking person kept staring at me talking on his phone making me very uncomfortable. Plus it was a Sunday, it was raining, and the world cup was soon to be on ... so the streets were complete silent (rare for the city of Rome).
I waited and waited for the number 81 bus to arrive and it was taking forever. I thought, maybe I am on the wrong side? So, I hobbled with my wet feet across the cobblestone streets very carefully not to slip to find the other 81 bus going in the opposite direction. Still no success. Keep in mind, the gypsy dude is still staring.
It started pouring again. Like a MONSOOON.
I was pretty upset and gave up. With an incredibly sad look on my face, I headed back to Trastevere. The rain stopped once again on my way back to the apartment, so I thought since I was out, I would stop in the Jewish ghetto (not "ghetto" like at home. this is the REAL name. An area where one can find Jewish elementary schools, delicious restaurants serving Jewish/Italian foods, wonderful Jewish bakeries (favorite place to get pizze rosa) and people watchers) to get myself some bread. As I was walking into the ghetto, the calibrini (security-like people, sort of like polizia), were staring at me probably thinking I was crazy and asking themselves why this girl is wearing a skirt and flippy sandles on an incredibly rainy and windy day. I don't know ... what was she thinking???
So I got my bread, still hobbling around, focusing not to fall ... and it pours again. I mean. Seriously?!
And this was not like before, the rain was pouring harder than ever and the wind was blowing so strong. By this time, I looked like a drowned rat and my clothes were turning see through. I was waiting on the bridge to let the wind and rain pass a bit before I kept walking. As I went to fix my umbrella, a HUGE gust of wind came by. FLEW my skirt up in mid air -- gave the calibrini a show and my umbrella completely turned inside out. What a scene.
I was trying to keep a hold onto my umbrella for dear life while trying to hold my sopping wet see through skirt down while also trying to save my bread from getting ruined!
Oh my. It was horrible. The rain finally stopped again and I rushed as fast I could with wet feet and wet hair and wet clothes back home to the apartment.
Let's just say, I can't wait to get home and conveniently get to the kingdom hall without all of this rigor moro.
So would you like to see what I looked like? Of course I needed to capture this moment in photo.
Thank you Christine for the following pictures:

yes, thumbs down.

see throughhhh! sopping wet.

pa! hahaha.

woo hoo!

Did I mention my umbrella broke?

So all in all, at least I tried.

After changing into comfy dry clothes. I got my bread out that I got in the Jewish ghetto and slathered it with peanut butter and jelly. (the bread was the only thing that was dry when I got home)

Then skyped with mom the rest of the day.

Here is a picture of the bread I bought:

Spelt and sunflower seeds.

I hope everyone had a glorious Sunny Sunday!

Stay dry! ;)

Love and Kisses.



Momma said...

Glad that you tried, but certainly did not want you to go alone. Don't go anywhere alone again! Still keep your eye out for a witness and speak with them. I'm sorry you did not get to experience over there the worldwide brotherhood. You know what ... how about a taxi?

The High Family said...

Oh what a story! The pictures made me laugh but the experience sounded crazy! Sorry you weren't able to find the kingdom hall....maybe next time! ;)

Rick Greene said...

Hi Sahira!! This is Rick trying this for the 3rd time. You may be home till you get a chance to read it. Wish I could have found some information for you on the Kingdom Halls. Next week we have our C.O. so that can help make up for the meetings you missed. Yogurt! Sounded good what you said about it but what about the SUGAR content? Also, are you sure NUTRITION GIRL wants to go to football games where they have all that artery clogging food?? I'm taking fish oil capsules. Any olive oil capsules?? How does heart disease measure up in Italy? I need to get walking also. Since you did alot of that in Italy maybe you can get me going! Looking forward to seeing you. I expect some of those hugs and kisses I've been reading about. Lots of Love, Rick and Debi

The Woytowich Family said...

:) Great blog!!