June 21, 2010

we are ... Penn State!

Today, at 7am {eastern time} 1pm Italy time, I purchased my Penn State footballlll tickets for the Fall season.
It was stressful, competing among those other crazy seniors. I had first dibs.

I had the screen up at 6am {eastern time} ready to press the link and fire through to get the tickets. I was a fortunate one to get them! All the girls were sitting at the common table around me, biting their nails hoping I would get the tickets. And I did! (they are all soon-to-be juniors so I was the first one to go, they all buy their tickets tomorrow)

Does anyone else think it is really weird/crazy/bizzare/insane/unreal that I am going to be a senior in college?? What?

I still remember the day I put my application in and this moment felt so far away.

bow chicka wow wow!

we are ... Penn State!

by the way ... ~4 days until I come home! woot woot!

love and kisses.

ciao bellas!


Luv Momma said...

It is been a long road for me! I can't wait for it to be over and you graduate.

So glad to have you home soon! Although, you won't be home long :-(

I sure hope these tickets will not interfere with your school work! Remember - you are striving for straight A's and it could be a rough year.

Momma said...

Is that a piece of fruit on your PC? I hope not! NO EATING OVER LAPTOP!!!

The High Family said...

oh geez GIBBY! Give the poor girl a break...I highly doubt Saturday football games are going to cause her grades to go down....now if she were on the cheerleading squad than maybe you should be worried. ;)

hey Sahira-

WE ARE...............

heehee- we are so excited for you!