June 19, 2010

Oh. My. Larabar.

A few days ago, I got a new Larabar Newsletter sent to me via email. First words I saw:
Greetings from Larabar! New Flavors are here!
Do you know how excited I got? very.
I immediately went to the website to check the news.
Have you ever tasted a Larabar before?
If not. you must.
Larabars are gluten free, all natural, raw fruit and nut bars. Just pure and simple. Larabar contains what your body needs - real, whole food loaded with nature's own minerals and vitamins. (I'm not saying that you can eat larabars for the rest of your life and be set though, you know what I mean).
Larabar's Philosophy is: Simple. Pure. Delicious.
What you eat is healthiest and most satisfying when it's in a whole, natural state.
The larabar company name comes from an ancient belief that food falls into two categories:
BECKONING FOODS - which beckon consumption again and again, sapping the body of energy without any real health benefits. Today, that is what we call "junk foods!"
HUMM FOODS - resonate with energy in a whole, natural state. When you consume a larabar, they cause you to feel vibrant and alive.
You can expect an unmistakable urge to humm after every larabar you eat! :)
So, drumroll please ... the 4 new flavors of the larabar family:


Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip.

Everyone's favorite flavor combination. Made with tons of fiber, protein from the peanuts and fair trade chocolate chips.


Carrot Cake.

Good source of Vitamin A and potassium and also a 1/2 serving of fruit. Combination of carrots, nuts, raisins, pineapple, and coconut. (I am very excited to try this one.)


Chocolate Chip Brownie.


Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough.

I'm sure you'll swear you are eating the real thing when you taste this, and how many real cookies provide you with a 1/2 serving of fruit?!

So there you have it, the new Four Fantastic Flavors.

Go and buy some! I can't wait to get home so I can try these. I heard they are selling larabars at Target now! woo hoo!

So even though all of those new flavors sound redic wonderful, can you guess which is my all time favorite??

PB&J, of course!

Pictures courtesy of Larabar.

Love and Kisses.



Momma said...

Nice post ... I guess I'll try one of these. Don't want one that taste like grass again. :-)

The High Family said...

mmmmmmm....I've never tried a Larabar. These look YUMMY!

BUT what is your mom talking about them tasting like grass? hmmmmm....