June 17, 2010

A Package!

Yesterday afternoon, I received a HUGE package from mom. I have been anxiously awaiting this box for a while, checking the Fedex tracking confirmation everyday. :) And finally, it arrived.
All of my classmates were so excited to see what was inside. I went to pick it up in between classes so I had been carrying it around with me through the Italian street sides back to our apartment, and let. me. tell. you. it was so heavy. 10 lbs to be exact.
When we arrived back at the apartment from our LAST day of class (for nutrition, anyway) I needed to play show-and-tell. I was so excited, as was everyone else.
I tried to open the package in class (while we were having discussion time in our groups, haha) because all I kept hearing was, "hurry hurry, open it!" and "Sahira, what did you get?!" All I could say was, "I at least know there is a jar of peanut butter inside!!!"
I finally did get it open, the tape was incredibly sticky, with the help of Caitlin and Christine in my group. We didn't have time to look through everything, obviously, because we were in class.
I took a picture before we caved in and ripped the box apart!
Addressed to: Sabrina Copenhaver. ;)

Back to the apartment. Ready. set. GO!

First I found a note from my lovely momma:

{Sorry it is sideways}

It read:

Hi- my love!

Hope you are happy with the items and you find useful, not too late.

And that some are a nice surprise! :-)

Miss you! Look forward to when you come home.

Enjoy your stay!


{I liked how she crossed out her full name on her penske note sheet and wrote momma. funny.} :)

And on the back was a note explaining the very detailed, organized excel spreadsheet she created for me to help me learn and utilize the Italian language better. I will be speaking fabulous Italian this last week that I am here! haha. Thank you mom, for taking the time to create that.

It was a very sweet note.

So, here is what was inside the box:

My favorites.

Anddddd ... Peanut Butter! Oh, how I have missed thee. I can now (and did already) make a pb&j, my all time favorite meal. ever.

A laptop case. Now my computer will not get crumby from the mess around the apartment and I can keep it from getting scratched. Plus, easier portability.

Extra surprises, Gap t-shirts. Another one of my favorites. Before I left for Italy, I bought some of these, but I bought size large thinking they would shrink and I wanted them a little loose, but they are way to big so mom got me smaller sizes.

A huge supply of laundry detergent and bug spray. Also to the left of the picture, my duffel to bring all of this home! and some pretty skirts and a dress.

While I was digging through the box seeing what was inside, every so often a little post card would fall out. Mom had wrapped them in the shirts and tucked them in different places. That was fun, and they were fun to read. One from the Wilson family, the High family, Troy.Gwen.Kylee.and Aubrey, and Uncle Billy and Aunt Jonnie.

Thank you for the post cards they were lovely. I love getting Amish country postcards in Italy. It makes me miss PA even more!

After unpacking the box and putting everything away, I finally made myself a peanut butter and jelly. I cherished it. devoured it, slowly. enjoyed it.

Can you tell how much I have missed peanut butter and jelly sandwiches? a lot.

PB&J, Italian style:

Thank you mom for the wonderful package from home, I appreciated it very much. You are so thoughtful. caring. kind. loving. generous. good hearted. beautiful. hospitable. and a great mom.

I love you dearly and miss you very much!

But I will see you soon!

I love you!

9 days and counting.


Love and Kisses!



Momma said...

Glad you enjoyed! Hope helpful! Sorry took so long ... share what you can (spray, PB, tide, etc.) You forgot to note translation sheets too! I hope you are studying and becoming bilingual. :-)

The High Family said...

Like I said on FB...only 5 weeks late!!! But better late than never. :)

I am sure it was an awesome surprise to receive things from "home".

The Woytowich Family said...

What an awesome package!! You momma loves you soooo much! That Peanut Butter and Jelly bagel looked soooooo good!!