May 17, 2010

Ok, I don't know what just happened but blogger is being very silly right now. As you may see the previous post is just pictures, so here are the explanations to all of those pictures. I was trying to upload a funny video for you all to see from our roaming in Rome day, but I think that is what messed up my post. Oh well.

So, I wanted to start off with showing pictures and telling you about our Italian cooking class that we had this pass Saturday. The cooking class was held in one of Dr. Probart's friend's home, her name was Valeria. She was the nicest woman to all of us and extremely hospitable. When we arrived, we all introduced ourselves, she introduced herself and her helpers, and we washed our hands. She then proceeded to give us all a lovely apron to wear and keep! She also created a laminated menu for us to take home which was composed of all of the dishes that we created.

First, we started with the Tiramisu because it needed to be in the fridge for an alloted amount of time. We then began to chop various veggies and prepare a homemade sauce and began cooking the meats. What we created was a Pasta all' Amatriciana and Pasta con Zucchine e Pomodorini which were the two first course pasta meals. For the second course we made Pollo alla Cacciatora which was chicken on the bone marinated with olive oil (lots of olive oil), rosemary, vinegar,salt and pepper. This had to have been the most tender chicken that I have EVER had. Next was the Pomodori Gratinati which is the halved and seeded tomatoes that are stuffed with fresh parsley, bread crumbs, olive oil, parm cheese and baked in the oven. YUM! We also had insalata with this. Next was the dolce (dessert) which was the Tiramisu. She also added some wonderful bing cherries to the end of the dish. She said that most Italians will eat their sweet dolce right after the meal and then consume some fresh fruit so that the extremely sweet dolce is off of their palate so that they do not crave more. The fruit was called, Frutta di stagione.

We transformed her living room into a restaurant and it was so much fun. Before the meal started, her son came home from school and her daughter's boyfriend came knocking on the door and enjoyed pranzo with us. It was a lovely experience.

Sahira's tidbit: {Cooking, eating and sharing are the foundations of family life in Italy. So much more than mere sustenance, eating is a passion they are happy to spend time and energy enjoying. The features that attract us to Italian cucina are innovations of the home. You only need to visit the kitchen of a mother or grandmother to find the most rewarding culinary experiences.}

Valeria said she LOVES to cook and cook for her family and friends. She finds it more rewarding and pleasurable to eat her OWN food that she has prepared with her two hands.
On Sunday, lots of homework was accomplished (still way more to do though), a little group of us roamed around Rome, and I skyped with mom. :)
I wanted to play a little 'I spy' game with you with one of the pictures that I posted, but obviously that didn't work out. I think it is the first picture after Valeria's cooking class (in the previous post), I wanted to see if you could spy the colosseum. :)
I also posted some other cool snapshots that I found. We found where the Presidenza lives...pretty cool, huh?
Today (Monday), we had class at 2, then did some more roaming. After class, it was raining yet again, so we ran for cover into a b-e-a-u-tiful chocolate shop. We did some sampling there then ran for cover again into a panino shop. It was called Signor Panino. The man who owns this place was extremely nice and made us fantastic paninos. I got a tomato, basil, mozzarella. He talked to us about America and he spoke very good english. He also gave us a free shot of espresso. It was very nice. After we left the panino, we went to a bookstore. And drum roll please...I found a Jamie Oliver Italy book! It is fabulous! I was sooo excited and I had to get it. If anyone knows me well, I LOVEEEE Jamie Oliver. It is the coolest book ever and HE is the coolest (and cutest)ever! :) It made my day. I think I posted pictures of this? Probably. This post would be way cool if blogger wasn't acting up!
Also, the picture of the man in the white outfit dancing around...hilarious! We captured a secrete video of him acting like a nut and I tried to post it so you could enjoy a laugh, but I have a feeling that it didn't work. :(
It is almost 9pm here and I need to do some more homeworkkkk. Tomorrow is a market walk with the Claudster and then we are off to the north. I need to start packing! (and planning, we are booking hostels and train tickets as I speak).
Hopefully my next post will be more successful!
love you!
ciao! :)

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